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Pop Tarts / Junk Food / Fried Butter leik omg

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Oh my God I hope I'm not overweight


Most people who are don't know it. The USA has higher rates of people who aren't aware they are overweight when compared to other first world nations. This is mostly due to the lack of nutritional education that is in public schools - at least that is what the UN thinks. The American CDC judge it by BMI, so do most world health groups.




Find out!

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BMI's a load of horse cackey, along with those statistics. Screw the news.


I just made up a word.


Whilst BMI is not a fool proof system and there are examples where it can be skewed, it is by far and away the most reliable way of discerning whether or not someone is over weight for the sake of scientific data. It's correct nearly all of the time when working with large quantities of people and it is reliable enough to base further testing off of. Whilst it does have errors, those errors aren't common enough to truly throw the results of large scale experiments.


And yeah, screw the news. Down with Murdoch!? Amirite?!

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