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Oh my word, Paradise has leapfrogged CB :o Strange, considering that CB is currently 26th in the iTunes chart, and Paradise is 45th. Must be some sales happening on other websites, or physical copies are being pushed, which is probably unlikely since I HAVEN'T SEEN ONE MYSELF.


MX has crashed to 14th in the album charts as well, but having been in the chart for 24 weeks already, I guess this is great :D

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^ At least it remained on the same spot, but the real question is: Paradise is up 10 and now it's 30...What the hell happened for this boost on the sells?


I think it's because of Now! 81 releasing in the UK this week. The album has the radio edit of Paradise on it. Perhaps people buying this version (not sure why, you can get the full version from the album for the same price) counted towards the total sales for Paradise?

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CB is 48 in the iTunes chart, and Paradise is 67.


I think both of them have run out of steam, so I guess it's PoC's turn to step up to the plate. I think Charlie Brown will return in the summer though. It is a good summer song :)


(Fun Fact: Princess of China has already charted in the UK. It got to number 33 when MX first released.)

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