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Up With the Birds Chords?


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I know it sounds silly, but when I get home from school I'll often unwind by playing some piano. I know several Coldplay numbers that I've figured out by ear to play and sing to:

Paradise, Us Against the World, Princess of China, Fix You, Yellow, Clocks, Violet Hill, 'Til Kingdom Come,


And a few non-Coldplay songs, but that's besides the point. I don't take formal lessons and I'm not especially good, but I'm the only one who will ever hear me so it's not a big deal, LOL.


I was wondering if anyone knows the general chords to Up With the Birds? It's honestly my favorite track on the album and also the only one I couldn't figure out without help so far. Just a general chord progression would be nice; I can usually figure it out the rest on my own.


Thank you!

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Thank you so much timewarp :) I'm not quite sure if they're still available, I check every once in a while though, and the last time I checked nothing came up.

My mom bought me them for Christmas and braved the AmEx presale day for me. We're not quite at the stage but not in the nosebleeds either. Should be fun! Section 105 :D


Haha, but thank you for the chords and the warm welcome!

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that's my house number lmfao ahaha, and there's none left....aside from nosebleed which is $100 ahahah :lol:


Now I'm self taught piano, so I can read chords, if you have a friend who plays piano that can help you then your set lmao. If not, feel free to ask :P


D, G/B, C#dim, D } Verse


Em9, G, Em9, G,

Asus4, A, Asus4, A

Em9, G, Em9, G } The sky...those clumsy things


A7, Gmaj7,

Em7, A7, D } Send me up...with the birds


G, D7(4), D } Echoy bit


D, Dsus4 } 4 Times: Guitar Bit


D, Bm, D, Bm } Might have to go...


Gmaj7, G6, Gmaj7, G6 } Float all over...


D, Bm, D, Bm, } But I wont...


Gmaj7, G6, Gmaj7, G6 } Even though all...


Em7, G, D, Bm7, D } A simple plot...are coming our way

Bm } A Simple plot...2nd time (repeat ^)


Bm7, G, D/F, G, A, G, D/F, G, A } Oh yah___!

D, Dsus2, D, Dsus2,

D, Dsus2, D, Dsus2, D6


Sorry if you cant understand the chords or the way I wrote them :facepalm:

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No no, I assure you I can!


I'm pretty much self-taught as well. I took formal lessons for about two years then quit because it wasn't "clicking". I do much better on my own anyway. There are a few things I can't understand, but I have an app on my phone that will show you the position of your fingers for correct chords (isn't technology grand?) :D


I'll let you know if there's anything you can help me with ;)

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