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EISLEY???!! Who?

staring elf

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I heard that they were open for Coldplay. And Coldplay handpicked Eisley to tour with them. Chris wanted their manager to manage Eisley as well?????And they are now on Coldplay's label?? :huh: :huh: :huh:


But, who are they? :/ Some peeps said they are a shitty little band :/ :/

I never heard of them :smug:

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texas band that's toured with coldplay for a while now. i think they have some mp3s on their website. they also take lots of picture and on their message board you'll find some of them with coldplay. i saw them live about a year ago when they were with coldplay. i prefer their older stuff. i always hear people complaining about the girl's voice in the new stuff, which i havn't heard :stunned:


i'm not into them at all. even though i've seen them live :rolleyes: :D

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Guest LiquidSky

hmm I heard about this on MTV News a while back, but I haven't downloaded any of their songs...so I don't really know what they sound like :smug: Chris Martin heard about them and he liked and so he asked them to tour with him and balbalabla and so on..... :)

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they are the audio equivalent of a bear taking a pee all over your camping equipment and then mauling you while you sleep in your tent.


:lol: :lol: I was gonna say...they're not that bad!!!


Actually I don't mind the Sundays. The leas singer has a high voice though.

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Eisley is a great band! If you haven't heard them you can easily pick up one of their two e.p.s at the store. They are very inexpensive. They are titled "The Laughing City" and "Marvelous Things" which just came out on the 9th in the U.S. I think Chris Martin has great musical taste, and it would be ashame if you do not check out Eisley. :idea2:

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Review: Eisley's sound is difficult to pin down, easy to enjoy



Texas quintet Eisley headlines tonight at In the Venue.


Texas quintet Eisley is one young band with a sound that's hard to pin down.

The ethereal, otherworldly harmonies, courtesy of sisters Stacy, Sherri and Chauntelle DuPree, offer the perfect quality for songs that often veer lyrically into the fantastical or extraterrestrial. The churning guitars of Sherri and Chauntelle are evocative of bands such as Throwing Muses or Belly, but Stacy's piano often takes the songs into a poppier direction. The members of Eisley come from a Christian background, but you wouldn't call them Christian rock. And the songs are often emotional, but you wouldn't label them emo, either.

Take a look at the bands Eisley has toured with - from the piano pop of Coldplay and The Fray to the punk ranting of New Found Glory and Brand New - and you get the feeling even people at the band's label don't know how best to package Eisley for the ever-fickle music-buying public.

"The one we fought the management the most about was the New Found Glory tour," Sherri said. "We were like, 'That's a punk band! The crowd's going to hate us!' I guess it went better than we thought it would, though - I ended up marrying the guitar player."

Indeed, Sherri DuPree is now Sherri DuPree-Gilbert since marrying New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert earlier this year. But that's just one change since the band's debut album, "Room Noises," arrived a couple of years back. While brother Weston is still the drummer, cousin Garron DuPree is now holding down bass duties. And the years spent on the road touring behind "Room Noises" resulted in a batch of new songs, captured on the new album "Combinations," that are more mature lyrically and musically.

"We toured two years straight after 'Room Noises' came out, and we took some time off to write [the new album]," DuPree-Gilbert said. "We just went to our rooms and wrote 30 songs or so. It was really refreshing to be able to do that. On the first album, some of them were really old, that we'd written when we were 17 or 13."

The debut album was also the product of several producers, all of them trying to capture what they thought was the ultimate Eisley sound. The result was a strong, if sometimes disjointed, batch of songs. For the new album, the DuPrees decided they wanted one set of ears working on the songs and chose former Oingo Boingo keyboardist Richard Gibbs, a guy best known for doing film scores for projects like "Queen of the Damned" and the "Battlestar Galactica" miniseries.

The result is an ambitious, sprawling set that takes full advantage of Stacy DuPree's vocal prowess, and the harmonizing of the three sisters, on songs such as "Invasion," inspired by the sisters reading the sci-fi epic Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and the delicate "If You're Wondering."

"Richard has his own studio in Malibu and we went out there to record," DuPree-Gilbert said. "It was a wonderful experience for us, a calming recording experience. The fact that Richard is so musically minded really helped. The songs breathe a little more."

Now Eisley is taking the new songs on a test run of acoustic shows before the album is released in all its Technicolor glory Aug. 14, including a stop in Salt Lake City tonight.

"We wanted to have some really small shows and play through the album, stripped-down, for the real hard-core fans," DuPree-Gilbert said. "We'll play the songs the way they sounded when we wrote them, and there's only one song on the album we probably can't do [acoustic-style], 'A Sight to Behold.' I'm excited about it."


* EISLEY plays tonight at 6 at In the Venue, 219 S. 600 West, Salt Lake City. Tickets are $15.50 at 24tix.com, SmithsTix outlets and the door.



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