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april is autism awareness month


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Autism happens to share April with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness, National Distracted Driving Month, Mathematics Awareness Month, National Car Care Awareness Month, Jazz Appreciation, and Stress Awareness Month.




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Meh, I'm just a regular old Aspie myself. It shits me when others try to patronise it as meaning you're mentally incompetent and/or have to be talked to like a baby. A fair few 'professionals' have done that to me


Example being: that stupid puzzle ribbon that makes no sense

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I can't stand that. I've never gotten it from my professors, but currently there's a girl in my Spanish class who thinks I need "help" with everything. She'll nudge my arm (stop touching me!) and whisper "we're on page 37" or "we're doing verbs now" or "make sure you have a pencil for the quiz!"

I try not to get too mad because she must think she's being helpful, but it gets very annoying.

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