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How has your view of MX changed?


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I think intially there was the unbridled excitement of having a full new album after months of hearing live versions on youtube vid's etc. and so rated the album very highly.


Then it settled down, after continous plays, there is a slight boredom that makes you think it might not be very good at all. Luckily other albums came out from other bands i loved and i could put MX to one side for a while.


Over the past few months i've listened to it more and more, and i have to say it is a very good album. Probably their 3rd best and i won't go into a deep review.


ps. The live performances help appreciate the album further

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I love the album. I just love the band and a great majority of their discography, I'm not one of the fans pissed about the new direction they took on this record, none of their albums particularly sound the same anyways, it's all just great music. I like the new influences on MX. And as an era this is my favorite one yet, the look, the feel, the bands attitude and enthusiasm about it and their stage presence is something next level, almost magical. And sometimes that makes a longer lasting impression than the music for me. Some records on the album aren't too strong but the standouts hit me hard and have stuck with me.

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Hurts Like Heaven is Coldplay at their best :dazzled:


agreed it is an epic song and i've grown to really like it.


still not changed my mind about the album. my least favourite and don't actually listen to it at all these days. viva and a rush on the other hand; cant go a day without listening to them


BUT, recently their live shows have become spectacular. best throughout their career

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Personally I have loved it from day one. I know some people don't share the same opinion. But to me this album just bursts with energy and positivity. Along with the album art work and general sound of the album it has portrayed to me the excitement of life. It's a mass of bright colours and soaring melodies. Kind of the same effect oasis songs have like "live forever", gives you a fretting kick back to the top. As much as I love their old stuff (first 3 albums) the new to me is a much more positive and hopefully message. I love it, and since seeing them at emirates last week has just made me love it even more which I didn't think was possible. I think they have raised the bar once again. They haven't sold out. The reason people have warmed more to their new sound is because it's far more uplifting in a positive way. Which at the end of the day is what brings happiness in life, positivity and positive thinking. To me this album lights a fire inside as it were.

I seem to find "don't let it break your heart" a particular favourite at the

Moment. There is no 1st, 2nd or 3rd favourite. All are top. And the lyrics still speak to me as much as they did all them years ago from the early days. It's a beautiful album :D like a ray of sunshine!

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Loved it from the very first day I brought it. ETDIAW when I first heard it a year ago I thought fab and still like it today. Paradise and Charlie Brown I love aswell, POC is still growing on me slowly but I really like DLIBYH so this might be my summer anthem ;)

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