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Michael Bublé


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Please describe the style. Thank you' date=' Sarah. :P[/quote']




His album covers a bunch of good oldies like "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "Fever", Van Morisson's "Moondance", Bee Gee's "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart" and some more.


Kinda pop-jazz

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Buble is shite. He is classic radio 2 and petrol station fodder. He has a strong voice maybe, but it is not special and individual, not like Thom Yorke, Rufus Wainwright, Damien Rice or Chris Martin....

I laugh at him :lol: with an evil glint or something stuck in my eye :evilgrin:

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I don't really like people who get famous for just singing other people's songs...he was on Letterman the other night, singing Feeling Good, His set of musicians were good, as with most single 'artists' like that, [ = Elvis ;) ] but...unless it's a variety show of some sort, then i wouldn't want to see them on TV. :smash: He should be performing on a big Cruise ship or something. Finally, i don't think there's anything much greater about his voice as opposed to other singers of the same catorgary, which dont make it famous, so why him. i'd never really heard of him until Letterman last night [in the UK]. Maybe i'm being too harsh on the guy :hair:

[Edit]...one last point...i dont' think BBC 2 is all too bad :beatnik:

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Are you insane? Bublé is great. It's called being a crooner, the music style of old. And for your information he does write his own songs, "home" for example is one of his own original songs. He has uplifting, upbeat big band, crooner style, i like it.


i also like thom, rufus, chris and damien, variety is never a bad thing.

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Yeah..there doesn't come much more insaner than me :blank:

I didn't say i didn't like the Croons...I just don't see why they become famous, i think there's a place for them..and Leterman isn't it. [in my opinion] . Also..Thanks for my information, but i didn't say he didn't write any songs of his own, i just stated that they become famous for singing other peoples songs. Although, i bet i don't like 'Home'. I too like Uplifting and even Big Band music and music influenced from Big Band styles..like Ornette Coleman, the latest CD i bought was Ornette Coleman - The Shape Of Jazz To Come. i also like Thom Yorke, Chris Martin, Damien Rice [i've not heard of Rufus...]...and i agree, Variety is not a bad thing. :)

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I dont mind peple who get famous off other peoples song's so long as they make it their own, if it's a dull cover version, then i tend to really get annoyed


Michal buble how-ever, in my opinion, brings another face to music (i'd have watched letterman if i were american..oh it was on in the uk..ha!). He's quite light hearted, joyous and entertaining, his job is to entertain.


You can dislikie him, as is your perogative....though i do think you're being overly harsh to him, most people nowadays have to show they can sing established songs in order to get famous. Bublé was seen singing a sinatra cover and asked to sing another at someones wedding (ex prime minsiter of canada) and a record exec was there and said there's a gap in the market for that type of material.


he insisted on being able to have at least one of his own songs on the album he's just released. So sometimes it's not a bands or artists fault. But hey, i love some of his covers, and one or two of the songs i wouldn't know the originals if it weren't for bublé.


If we're talking boybands doing an exact copy of a song that's been released 10 years earlier, then thats doubly annoying hehe

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