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Which the worst topic?


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i'm not sure if i understand the question (or if it's even supposed to be a question' date=' for that matter :rolleyes: ) but i think the dumbest thread i've ever seen here was the "how long does it take to come?" thread from the other night. :D[/quote']


my choice!!! for shizzle! :cool:

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what's this new 'shizzle...nizzle' words?? :huh: :angry:


the first time i heard such words was a few days ago on that new (and damn stupid & irritating) Old Navy ad on tv.


Really? They were all the rage this summer. Snopp Dogg was everywhere, and it's his own little sub-langauge. Well, it's not really his. it's an urban thing.


I remember one night being at a friend's house, drunk and stoned, playing XBox and speaking like taht the whole night. By the end of the night everybody was rather pissed at me.


But when you see Fran Drescher speaking like that on an Old Navy commercial you know the whole dialect has jumped the shark. I imagine Snoop is doing an about-face after seeing that crap: "I say, that is quite improper."

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Snoop Dog.


So that's what/who is driving our culture nowadays! :rolleyes:


Man, that guy is nuts and if I were near him, I would bite him like a dog, too! Isn't he also the one with those crazy "Girls gone wild" videos?


And nope, I didn't know the shizzle fizzle thing was the rage this summer. Obviously I'm not as plugged-in into the 'hip' happenings, and I'm sorta glad that I'm not. Although, I"m getting more and more into the stuff so perhaps next summer's hip thing-to-do, I'll know all about it.


kinda dubious, but then my life's driving me nuts right now.

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oh yeah. I did see that Jimmy Kimmel Live show with Snoop Dogg. Jimmy Kimmel Live also had Coldplay in one of its very early showings, if you remember. I wasn't into Coldplay at that time, but now I wish one of those late-night shows would have Coldplay on as guests! :-)


And I saw that stupid AOL ad too...making fun of how everyone gets 1000's of those free AOL cd mailers... :rolleyes:


minnizle. :rolleyes:


On that note, I also heard Coldplay's new "2000 miles" on our 'New Music--Alternative' radio station for the first time last night; it was on the "9:00 O'Clock Cock-fight" going up against the new single from Courtney Love (right!). Basically, people call-in after listening to the two competing songs and vote for their favs.


Coldplay won hands down, needless to say. :rolleyes:


But, one guy called-in, saying he thought that both songs sucked and he wouldn't vote for either. I kinda agreed with that... :confused: :wink3:

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