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yeah its not bad - she doesnt have that much of a part in it tho - basically just harmonises with them


i also prefer the original without her truth be known


shes still a babe and musical genius tho :D


yeah ive just noticed that from watching the video a couple of times


i thought she had more of a part.... but she really doesnt do anything except walk about humming and looking pretty!! :D

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I have Vanessa Carlton...her voice is f*%#$!@ annoying!!


Sorry, i'm trying not to swear..it's a pact i made with a friend of mine... :D

i take it u mean you haTe her...or else ur holding her @ ransom :D


heheheeh...i meant hate......it would've been funny if i had her for random though... :twisted:

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Her music is okay..i used to really like the song "Goodbye to You" but then they made another version for radio and tv..and now i don't like it anymore...but she's cool... :-D

yeah me too! I use to really like her when she first came out but then she got really popular and i started to not like her as much but she's still a good musician

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