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[30-Dec-2012] Coldplay @ Barclays Center, New York, NY, USA


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Incredible. I might add more thoughts later, but this was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had, certainly in a concert. This meant a lot to me because I couldn't make their show where I live in San Jose due to school complications, and after hearing about xylobands and the interactivity I tried to save up for the East Coast tour but just missed getting enough money by the St. Paul show. Once I heard about this show there was no doubt and I snatched up a flight and ticket right away.


The only issue was while I had a great view of the stage, I was in the side and thus was blocked by the amps and couldn't see the main circle above the stage, which sucked. I could see a few bits and from what I could see, the only songs with interesting stuff in that circle are on the Live 2012 DVD anyway. Tomorrow might be better but I'm on the side again, I'll be on the upper level so maybe that'll help.


Almost broke into tears during Warning Sign. When I heard it was a song they played I was pretty bummed cause I really like it. I'm glad they kept it on the setlist. Apparently the setlist was pretty much like every other show, which to me is fine, I wanted to experience what I would have gotten if I was able to make the other shows.


Really grateful. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully they shake things up even a little bit!

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Once again, a spectacular show. I'm exhausted. We were in the 6th row on Jonny's side in the middle, bit the people on the end never showed up, so we stayed there, and were right at the ramp barrier the whole show. Met several Coldplayers, including some who got upgraded! Finally was able to ask Matt McGinn to sign his book jacket. Chris stopped and was so close to us so many times on the ramp, it seemed kind of rude to take photos when he's *right there* I thought the crowd was great and the venue staff were very friendly. I took lots and lots of photos and a few videos so ill upload tomorrow, maybe.


And so my Mylo Xyloto Tour comes to an end after 16 shows in 4 states over 16 months. It was awesome. je8a7yzy.jpg



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