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Who was the hottest Star Trek guy?

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I know there were many hot girls in Star Trek for you guys, but there were tons of hot guys too!


Who do you girls (and guys) think was the hottest guy in Star Trek. It could be villains and good guys. :)


Personally, mine are Spock (Leonard Nimoy in the 60s and Zachary Quinto in the new movies), Data (in the early TNG seasons) and Captain Kirk (William shatner in the 60s and Chris Pine in the new movies)! :wink3: :kiss: :P

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Yep, I admit in that episode (the Cage, I think?) he does look odd, but i think its the bushy eyebrows and orange skin colour. And its notjust how he looks, its his take on the world and his personality, too. This is what I mean: :)




And,the reboot Spock:




Who do you think is the hottest in the Star Trek franchise?

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I think there would be a lot more interaction in the voting if you had given "None" as an option.


Again, I know some people may not have a preference, and if you don't, stop posting! There's a question in the thread title, if you're not gonna answer it then... :):stunned:

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Some people? Nobody has a preference. People vote for anything on this forum and you have 1 other person voting after a week.


If I made some crackpot thread about a wild idea that nobody can possibly relate to, I'd want someone like me to remind me the outside world thinks it's crazy. That would make me re-evaluate things, but when it comes to negativity you seem to want to stick your fingers in your ears and go LALALALALA


Anyway, I'll stop posting and leave you to it.

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