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Prince Myshkin

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I've condensed the phenomenon to the following:


Fangirls who are fanboys,

who like fanboys to be fangirls,

who do fanboys like they're fangirls,

who do fangirls like they're fanboys,

always should be some band you really love



Yeah, scraping the barrel sums that up.

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Well, I can't explain why they occur, nor do I personally know for sure if I, myself, am a fangirl, so I can only speculate.


When I hear the phrase fanboy or fangirl, I always think of an unnatural, but not necessarily unhealthy, obsession with another person, fictional character, movie, TV show, ect. It can happen to anyone at any age, but is more commonly related to teenagers and young adults.


How they occur; something really interesting and particularly thought-provoking to the individual comes around, and this person begins to center much of their free time around this interest.


Why they occur; because... well, that's a bit more difficult to explain. I guess if the obsession makes you happy, then why deny it? Why not enjoy it, even to seemingly extreme levels? I really don't know how else to put it, but that's how I see it.

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i really dont want to say that im a fangirl because they're so weird and obssessive and can't get a life of their own and all they talk about is the thing they like and buy pins and shirts of it



*hides pins and shirt of christoph waltz that i bought on etsy*


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