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monopoly (Coldplay edition)


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Is there nowhere online where we could devise a monopoly board? I only found somewhere were you can get a board made up and physically sent to you. Probably costs an arm and a leg though, and there would only be one. We need a resident graphic artist (I'd ask Batman but I don't think she's on my Christmas Card list!)


Mayfair and Park Lane would probably be Bakery and Beehive? I thought of Safety EP and Mince Spies as they're most expensive too but they're not places :lol:

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The Car Kids thing is a pretty great idea too. Or it could be like one of those cards: "Oops!! You downloaded an obviously fake version of "Car Kids", thought it was real and made everyone believe that too! Go to prison now!"

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I think Major Minus can be the Income Tax property.It can be like "Look Major Minus in the eye. Lose __ money." We also need a name for Coldplay money.

And we can have a chance card that also involves Major Minus. "Major Minus catches you with a sparker. Go to jail. Do not pass Chris Martin's house. Go not gain 200.

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