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Sending messages to the wrong person

Prince Myshkin

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End of high school. I had a huge crush on this guy. I had told a couple of friends. One evening, I went to some local event (because i knew he was there). We bumped into each other and started talking. I wanted to send this text to a friend: "iii he's talking to me!"

Guess who I sent it to? :cheesy:


Yep. The guy. That was embarrassing.



Anyway, ever since, I'm always extra careful not to mix up messages and especially social networks.

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I'm sure we've all sent a message to the wrong person at one point or another. :lol: I remember I was having two different conversations with my friends and one of them was about how my friend has a crush on this one guy and how they'd spend a lot of time together. I accidentally said "I'm sure it got hard for him that one night," to her instead of telling that to my other friend whose father was stressing about his job and was struggling with costumers one night... :confused:

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I hope he didn't sext you back. I can't remember off the top of my head ever doing anything crazy like that. I'm very careful when sending messages.


No but he brought it up over a very hungover breakfast. Among many things I wanted to eat his pussy good, apparently... Waking him up at 4am in the morning to tell him this wasn't appreciated funnily enough. But he did laugh a little.

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I once complained about a work colleague because he called in sick on a very busy day (I was sure he was lying) and I sent the text to him rather than to another colleague. He never mentioned anything about it.


Ha. I love the awkwardness of that.


A friend of mine once referred to somebody who had one testicle (who is an idiot) with a nickname, not realising it was a group message he was privy to. That never got mentioned either. I think he thought he was intended to see it.

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