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Avicii remix Atlas


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I was expecting more to the remix, it seemed kind of half-arsed. The first part wasn't really much different than the song, just the vocals were slowed a touch and mildly manipulated. It was like, "here's Atlas for a couple of minutes, and then here's Avicii." It didn't flow well. If you're going to remix a song, put a little more effort into it.

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Wasn't there some sort of report (or something) that Chris was working with Avicii? I'm assuming this could be it.




Swedish article[/url] about Chris working with Avicii. Google Translate sucks but Chris says that they spent a whole day in the studio together and that Avicii is a fantastically talented guy. It hasn't been decided yet if the collaboration is for LP6 or for Avicii's next album. Avicii brought several people with him to the studio and it was a bit hard for Chris to understand what was going on because they spoke Swedish the entire time.



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I agree, its pretty half assed. Surprised Avicii has done some acceptable stuff on his album, why can't he just get over the fact he isn't a full on rave party disco guy and does some pretty decent almost western techno influenced songs.

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