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  1. I wouldn't exactly consider AYF and GS a bold prediction considering we just recently got music videos for both of them...
  2. It is pretty obnoxious that this user thinks they are the voice of Coldplay or something. If they want to leak it, just leak it. Otherwise, don't play around just to milk followers.
  3. I'm not sure if it means anything, but the iTunes description says that O, "fades out, offering a wordless, melancholy hymn from a distant choir...". Could this mean that the hidden track is an instrumental track that comes after O?
  4. I hope Apple and Moses are taking this well. I can only imagine how much this sucks for all of them.
  5. Chris looks overjoyed to be there. Can't wait to watch, nonetheless!
  6. Well you're super lucky! The band just announced that Chris Martin will be an advisor this season.
  7. The band just dropped the news on their social media, link here: Time to set my DVRs, I can barely contain myself right now.
  8. I really hope that their US tour holds off for the summer. I'll be out of the country from June-July on an exchange and odds are I'd have no opportunity to see them abroad. Is it safe to predict I will have an opportunity to see them in the Ohio/Detroit/Chicago area after the end of July?
  9. I wasn't a huge fan. It seemed too uncomfortable for me to enjoy, even with Chris's vocals. As for Avicii on LP6? Rather not, but I'm fine if Chris collaborates with him.
  10. Sorry to post so soon, it was an accident! I would also love a self-titled album. :) Beyoncé is an amazing album, in many respects.
  11. Since the ghost is on the Atlas lyrics, could Atlas possibly be the first single in the next album? Perhaps we'll get a proper music video.
  12. The Oracle responded to my question about Guy's shirt in the Shiver video. Didn't really get the answer I wanted but it was a nice gesture!
  13. I read on Facebook this release was delayed. It happens I guess. I'm just glad it's only a couple weeks away!
  14. I came out of the shadows just for this. My lord you can't believe how long it seems like we've been waiting for this!
  15. Wow, looks like a little war over the British bands. Can't we all be happy an get along? (I mean, only if Coldplay wins.)
  16. I really hate to bump this topic, but I couldn't find another one. (If there is one, I'd be happy to move this.) If there was an EP I wouldn't mind it being called Mylo Xyloto 2. I actually like that name actually, would fit well.
  17. Its a nice song and all, but I don't think it is near worth a 10. I say 4-5 would be appropriate. The vocals and guitar are on par but the percussion and lyrics run dry very quickly. Could be a lot, worse, though.
  18. Kind of bumping this topic because I've been working on a little quote book, hope nobody minds. :) "You see the world in black and white, not painted right." -Low "And I heard it on the radio, that somewhere up above and in my heart, they'll be tearing us apart." -Moving to Mars "Those Christmas Lights, light up the street, down where the sea and city meet." -Christmas Lights "How long before I get in? Before it starts, before I begin?" -Speed of Sound
  19. Opener: Don't Panic Closer: Death and All His Friends
  20. Some of these were way more difficult than I expected. Trouble Politik What If Reign of Love Up in Flames
  21. I don't hear any skip, just a sort kind of a wavy sound with crawl echoing in the background. Kind of cool, if you ask me.
  22. I don't hate The Hardest Part, but it isn't my absolute favorite either. It isn't perfect, I guess.
  23. Just curious, where do fans leave the gifts for Coldplay? Is there like a mail slot or front door?
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