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"Midnight" artwork by Mila Fürstová

The Lonely Martian

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From the "Midnight" 7" Vinyl that will be released on April 19, 2014 for Record Store Day:




Official artwork by Mila Fürstová, and the third Fürstová artwork to be unveiled during the Ghost Stories era! What do you guys think? To be very honest, i'm starting to absolutely adore her work. This particular piece is probably my favorite, second to the "Magic" artwork.

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Possibly the best of any Coldplay artwork or about equal with VLV. Parachutes and AROBTTH were a bit boring IMO. X&Y was a cool concept but ultimately too simple. I like the paintings in VLV a lot. MX was a bit too bubbly-fonted and busy for me to like.


Ghost Stories just has nice fonts, nice images, nice understated colours. It's nice to look at.

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Well since this is an illustration and not some kind of 3D art, photograph, graffity or weird typography I like it. It's weird in its own way and recognisable (well I haven't seen illustrations of cages in animal forms with people inside yet) so that's nice.

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