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Wanna Cold Play


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I wanna a Cold Play, well i mean that i want to play coldplay.

Ive got a new keyboard right now, and need the... need... the...

Sorry, my english is very bad, you knew, i mean the C, D, E, G7, G6, C#

But OK, i want to know them from some songs,

If you know some plz answer this topic, i'm looking for them..


Moses, God put a smile upon your face, In my place


I already know Clocks... the only one.. :/

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Yeah, ok, my english is bad.. hahaha, i already know that.. you knew, we dont learn much english on school (im only 14 you knew)

But ok, i know there's no piano in Moses, afcourse i know..

But i play it on keyboard, and using some styles to practice,

And i dont get it wich tabs i have to use..

Well, Moses is important to me,

Does someone knows the tabs of moses plz?? :huh:

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