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Ghost Stories visual album

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Ghost Stories has finally been released, in a stunningly beautiful audio-visual form backdroped against Mila Furstova's soulfully-crafted etched artworks. The video is available to stream for free on iTunes.


What do you people think of the visual album? I think it's just absolutely stunning, given I've only seen up to "Magic" at this point in time! :laugh3:

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The visuals fit the album really well. I think it enhances the listening experience.

It feels like sitting on a beach at a warm summer night and watching the waves and stars.

One of the most beautiful moments was when the moon came out.

@The Lonely Martian: awesome avatar, I love it!

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hey guys, I am from Indonesia, but on my iTunes it just show "Listen Now" instead of watch now :(


so curious about the beautiful animations...


but at least i can stream full album now :)


Love True Love and O :) such a deep song.

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Its so beautiful!


Remember no links to download, links to an apple stream are ok, anything else just search for it on google.


I have PM'ed. Is that OK? Its just the video downloaded and the audio split into songs. I wouldn't post them publically but its nice to have a copy of the video given its beauty


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