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  1. Currently it looks like this. (You know things change over time) 1. Up&Up 2. Everglow 3. Birds 4. AHFOD 5. AOAL 6. Amazing Day 7. Fun 8. Army of One 9. HFTW 10. X From 1-6, I am really happy with the quality, but I don't like those last three songs.
  2. I like this song, but the beginning of the song is a rollercoaster for me. It starts beautiful, then it gets like "meh, what is this?" for 10 seconds and when this is over, the song remains at a decent level.
  3. Duplicate ... forum is kind of crazy right now .. sorry about that.
  4. I agree, the song is really getting better and better. The tune sounds beautiful and fun, so kind of matches the lyrcis. Tove Lo is really a nice addition to that song.
  5. To be honest, after my first round, I thought this is by far the worst Coldplay album. I am currently listening for the fourth time and I think it is growing on me. Although I am not excited, as I was for the previous LPs. Some songs are really bad and you forgot them instantly, but I see a lot of potential for the tour!
  6. To be honest, after my first round, I thought this is by far the worst Coldplay album. I am currently listening for the fourth time and I think it is growing on me. Although I am not excited, as I was for the previous LPs. Some songs are really bad and you forgot them instantly, but I see a lot of potential for the tour!
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    I am way more critical with their new songs than in the past. But honestly, I think that song is beautiful. Piano, Vocals are amazing. And to me this song is more of a song from the old era. Probably X&Y.
  8. Coldplay is back and I am back here as well :) I like AOAL, but I don't think it is something special or unique. I would almost say it is kind of forgetable. The guitar part is kind of cool, but in general this song sounds like a generic pop song from a random spotify playlist. Nothing which stands out.
  9. I really hope they will do something with a lot of power and energy, like MX. Don┬┤t get me wrong the first two albums of them are maybe my favourite ones, but I also like the other side. So a few days ago I was at the same place where they did play during the MX Tour and man I was always thinking back at that night and how awesome and special it was in comparison to the concert I was attending in that moment. I want them to go on a huge tour again, that was a great time!
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    Ghost Story

    Hm... I was listening a few days ago on this itunes stream, and I thought I really like this album. The songs were dark, some of them very different what we know from them. Also today when I received my copy of the CD, I was very happy after listening to the album. But NOW I discovered those bonus songs, how can they leave them out? Okay it is a different sound, more happy, but it reminded me, that I like them this way the most! Amazing Song.
  11. Amazing song! The piano is just wonderful.
  12. This is fucking amazing! Just wow, this is what I call art!
  13. I like this song, although some parts of this song sound very mainstream. Put I can still hear Coldplay in it. I mean of course some of you can hate this song, but I really like how many different types of music are on this new album. It sounds similar to one of those avici Songs, but I think we can live with one song like this? Could be a huge success for them. I do believe in this album!
  14. The era is still very fresh and new. I can┬┤t really say for sure how much I like it or not. We had a few first impressions but there is still a lot to come. MX was so colorful and powerful, I really loved that, but they could be right with doing something like it seems to be with those first impressions. They released so many songs and everybody can find a song he loves and than he has different memories around that song and so the expectations are way too high. I don┬┤t get that negativity, let it grow, be ready to accept something new. I love the Scientist, but it is impossible and it would b
  15. I have to be selfish, we need a big European Tour :P I really do hope that they will come again to Frankfurt Festhalle, this was pure magic the last time :D
  16. I would love to watch it at 4am, but no way this would work, because I have to work tomorrow :D
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    I totally agree. Every time I listen to this song I think "Oh man this will be amazing when Jonnys part comes" and it is, but it is so short, I wish it would be more intense and longer.
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    I can totally understand your point of view, the first half is not what I like most about Coldplay, but I still like it. Wickett said it right earlier in this thread, the song becomes a "typically" Coldplay song around 2:33, which reminds me of the best sounds of Coldplay. It really sounds amazing and it still shows they are able to give us their "old" sound. So yeah it is kind of a good mix.
  19. I really love the melody of this song and how it gets better and better. Especially the guitar lines in the second part are amazing! On the one hand we had Midnight and now Magic and I am really pleased with those 2 songs. They are very different, but I like them both. Magic is a very positive Song. I was listening to it while walking to work this Morning and my mood instantly went up. Thanks Coldplay :) But now it is harder to wait for LP6. I would say it is a 9/10, but maybe it will get a 8/10 without that Hype.
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    I like this Song! But at first I was a little bit shocked, because that┬┤s not what I love about Coldplay. It starts with Chris┬┤s electro voice and the fact that we don┬┤t have any guitar sounds. But this Song really grew on me, because I like this music in general. (I like Bon Iver or Imogen Heap) And I like the fact that they are trying something different. But I still want to hear other sounds from Coldplay and thats what I am hoping for LP6, I think they are better with another style of music.
  21. Finally we are back! When the released Midnight all of sudden, I wanted to share my thoughts, but the forum was offline. I felt alone with my thoughts, haha :D Great to have the Forum back when LP6 starts.
  22. I would give it a 9/10. It is really a beautiful song, it sounds more like one of their old songs. So yeah nice to hear something like that again ^^
  23. I need that link, right now! It must be an amazing song. So please send me a pm :D
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