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Chris tattoo¿?


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I saw this photo, and I do not know is only my vision or chris has a tattoo?. :o

Do you know something about it, of if it had or has become one?

I have reviewed my collection pic (more than 1000 pics) and I have not returned to see it, so I think that or is false or has taken off it.

The tattoo is a blue cross or it seem, it´s near his next to the offer of its shirt on his right arm.

Please answer.

thanks. ;)

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noni. Chris usully writes "maketradefair.com" in its hands whit a pen. But I said that it has a drawing, like a cross in its arm and i think isn´t with a pen. I believe that it is a tattoo because that there is been with bandage some time, although it says that it is by tendinitis. I had tendinitis twice but I did not take any bandage.

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