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Chris tattoo¿?


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Chris Martin's Tattoos...


can anyone please post pictures of his tattos?

its said that he has a lot of them, i cant seem to find any on the net.


one more thing, what does the two lines on his left hand means?

and the X on the right?


thank you .

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The two lines were an equals sign, drawn on in marker pen, to symbolise MakeTradeFair.com, an Oxfam campaign that promotes fair trade in poorer countries.


He writes other things, reminders on such and his hand too, but they're not tattoos.


He has two actual tattoos; an A (for Apple) and an M (for Moses) on each of his wrists.




Welcome to the forum :D

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bumpy bump.... i know it has been discussed on other threads...


looking for chris pics i found that:

Well here we are another Wednesday so that means, it is time for another Celebrity Tattoo post. Today I choose to write about Chris Martin, mainly because he just made a really great comment about tattoos the other day and I thought it would be perfect for this blog

Chris says that the buzz he gets from getting tattoos is like drugs to him. Chris also admitted that he turned to tattoos because he was afraid of getting caught doing drugs by the tabloids. Here’s what Chris had to say,

“Getting tattooed is brilliant. I got a few done in my 30s and it is the best ever - especially if you are married and can’t take drugs because the (British newspaper) Daily Mirror might find out. I recommend getting a tattoo whether you are 70 or 12 - actually, maybe not 12, I think that might be a bit too young.”

Of course I have to agree with Chris, there is nothing like the feeling you get when you get a tattoo and for some unknown reason they are addictive and I truly can see where he is coming from with the whole reference to them being like a drug to him.

Oddly, enough for Chris to be such a huge tattoo lover I looked all over the internet and could not find a single picture or any information about the tattoos that Chris has. You might have seen him on several occasions with black markings or writing in his hands but that’s from a sharpie that Chris drew on himself.

So if anyone has any information about his tattoos feel free to let me know so I can add it to this post

Your Tattoo Friend




source: infinitetattoos


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