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Want to speak to BBC Radio 5 Live? (Grids on the Radio, Sun 07.45 UK time)


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I won't be able to do it tomorrow morning. Does anyone want to do this interview and become famous in the Coldplaying world? ;) Please reply ASAP, need to know in the next hour or two preferably FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!


It's to speak generally as a Coldplay fan and i'd assume related to their upcoming BBC appearances and what your hoping for etc..


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Have you got interview questions yet? My level of English is not excellent too but I would like to try if you gave me an offer.


Wait, that person would interview a Coldplay fan not the other way around :wacko:


*See I just misread this hahah*

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Needed someone who lives in the UK really, or your not gonna wanna see your phone bill!


Afi/Grids has spoken to them now and will be on BBC Radio 5 live just before 7.45am tomorrow morning :D Another Coldplay fan (who we don't know - a guy) will also be part of it!


Thanks for the offers guys :)

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