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little britain


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Oooh I love this programme, can't believe next week is last episode :(


Teacher: What happened to your coursework?


Vicky: No but what happened was this whole fing happened what I don't even know nothing about because Ashley Kramer's been going around saying Samantha's brother smells of mud, but anyway, shut up, I never even stolen no car so shut up!



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Guest LiquidSky
"yeah but no but michelle got fingered by ricardo and she got pregnant SHAT AP whatever"


lol :lol: ...........one i made up but its similer to what she says :lol:



That is so hilarious!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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It's a British sketch show written by Matt Lucas (George Dawes of Reeves & Mortimer fame) and David Walliams.


The best character has got to be Andy, the guy in the wheelchair.


"I want a chocolate!"

"Okay you can have one... which one would you like?"

"Tha' one."

"That one?"


"Well, that's dark chocolate. You don't like dark chocolate."

"Yeah, I know"

"You always said dark chocolate had a bitter edge to it, and lacks the oral ectasy of its milkier cousin."

"Yeah, I know."

"So which one would you like?"

"I want tha' one!"

"Oh, alright."

".......I don't like it."






that's serious wet-my-pants-Larrrrfing stuff!!

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all i get in the states is bbcamerica and the shows on there are soap operas' date=' changing rooms, and ground froce....no really great shows :([/quote']


:stunned: Changing Rooms and Ground Force - British classics!!


lol indeed!! Good old Alan Titchmarsh :D

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