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Keane's Tim Rice-Oxley could have been Coldplay's keyboard player


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10 years ago, as Coldplay were gearing up for world domination, shortly after the announcement of third album, 'X&Y', Keane's guitarist, Tim Rice-Oxley had revealed: He was close to being Coldplay's fifth member / keyboard player!


Keane were still riding on the success of their debut album, called 'Hopes and Fears'. They were part of the many British 'indie' bands who were ruling the charts during the mid-noughties and the have frequently drawn comparisons to the sound of fellow British band, Coldplay. Speaking to Contact Music in 2005, Tim told us of the idea to become a Coldplay band mate, with his friend, Chris Martin. He also felt envious of Coldplay's success and wandered 'What If'?


“Chris Martin and I were friends, and we were both in just-starting-up bands. They were toying with the idea of getting a keyboard player and he asked me, but the idea was junked. It was a two-edged sword watching Coldplay have all this success. We all felt envious. But it’s worked out well for both of us.”




Coldplay with five members and a keyboard player. History could have been very different indeed, if the idea had worked out!

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Coldplay probably would not have had the success they have if he became the keyboard player. Not saying that he wouldn't be good, it's just that Coldplay's chemistry is a unique blend of the four members that have made them so successful.

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If this happened, Keane would not have existed and Coldplay would not have the chemistry that made them famous in the first place. In some ways it worked out for both bands. However for others, it didn't, while Keane is on hiatus right now, Coldplay is working on their 7th album.

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