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Happy 10th Birthday X&Y!

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Happy 10th Birthday to the most underrated Coldplay album, X&Y !


:x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y: :x&y:

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It's almost like I feel guilty....kindda like picking a favourite child....so I'll cough as I say it so the others don't hear because I truly do love them just as much ....I LOVE YOU X & Y...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most beautiful little pair....X & Y! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!


'God bless X & Y

More colour than a summer sky'


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Happy Birthday - My favorite album ever X&Y!!!!

The best album of Coldplay!!!



Seriously if I was to go to confession.. ..it's always been my favourite...oops..I said it...but it's always been my favourite ....Opps again...just something very special about X&Y! *runs out of confessional* ...[emoji120]

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Hi all ! Just listening to X&Y in its entirety :)

That poll up there is tough ! I wished you could choose 5 or 6 answers :D


Just as a reminder, since we are celebrating today, what is your personal "X&Y Story" ? Would be cool if more people participate !


Here's the thread to post it in:


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