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the offtopic thread where everybody can post, minus carla.


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Yea, you can talk about anything you want here.

Hmmm... i feel like talking about sports npw.

Man, the olympic games are just so cool!! i luved the australian games! I had to wake up at 4am to see em though. lol

My fav sport is ice hockey though... Such a cool game. Go Penguins!


Phew... i could talk about sports for hours!

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Ok.. my name is thom.. i can post here.... Riff's name is ren.. ok, you can posthere ren!

Ooops, it looks like sternly's name is carla... Ooooh, too bad, CAN YOU PLEASE GET OUT OF MY THREAD? thanks! :)


Soo, ren, don't you love the simpsons?

(remember, this thread is totally offtopic)

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yes!!! gotta luv brit bands!!!

I can't wait for the brit awards, man!

Last year's brit awards were the best! Coldplay was soo wicked! and they won two awards! And avril was sooooooo hot there! and she was jumping around!! aahh...

anyways, yea, radiohead owns this world!!

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Yeah where is he?

Anyway, I love sports. But I feel like such a lazy bum lately because over xmas holidays they don't have my sports on (obviously). I walk everyday and I promised myself I'd start running again but I'm being lazy. I'm playing tennis on Monday! First sport I've played in ages. The only thing good about going back to school is that sport starts again.

So do any of you have Netball in your countries or is it just like an Australian thing? :lol:

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Yes, go julia! tennis is such a great sport!!! kinda boring on tv, but really cool when you play it with a friend! And the tennis videogames are really cool too! gotta luv super tennis for master system. lol

And ah, we don't have netball here... or maybe we have it, but with a different name.

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hahahaha naah man, volleyball is kinda... uhh.... gay, here. lol My band mate plays volleyball though.. and he has a gf... ok, she isn't hot, but at least she's a girl (i think. lol) so... girls like guys who play volleyball? Damn, i wasted years playing football on the beach for nothing! lol

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i remember when i was like, 7 years old, and i was playing football on the beach with my uncle, and the other ppl on the beach were like... "wtf are they doing?" lol And once when i threw the ball to my uncle and he didn't get it, some dude got the ball, and he tried to kick it back for us, but that oval ball was too weird for him, and then when he kicked it, the ball hit his nose. lol it was really funny.

Ah, good memories!

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