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Moral Dilemma


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Well, yeah, keep it I say. The fact is, you're a good person or you wouldn't have had a second thought about it. How's that for twisted morality?


Once my son found £20 - all rolled up in a shop. We were destitute at the time, on State support, about to lose the house, and £20 was an absolute fortune. We kept it, spent it on essentials (bread, vegetables, bus fares to the Social Services offices) and yet I still feel bad because my little boy wanted to give it up to the shopkeeper, and I made him keep quiet. :embarrased:

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I know you were, so was I :embarrased: It's actually a tenner!


But I promise to call it a tenten next time I mention it :D



Oh, were you joking too? Ooops, I didn't got it...

For a moment I feel myself intelligent to guess the 'tenten'... :confused:


Baaaaaah, but 'tenten' sounds funnier than thenner!! :D

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