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Life Is For Living (Live)


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First off, the live version of this song is quite possibly my favorite Coldplay song. But I was looking for the lyrics to the addition at the end. This is what I make of it.


well i never meant to do you wrong

well thats what i came here to say

that if i was wrong then im sorry

but dont let it stand in our way


cause my head just aches when i think of

the things that i should have done

cause life is for living we all know

and i dont want to live it alone


cause in the end there's only us

and oh my friend, there's only love

(and I have no idea about this part..)


Can anyone help me out?

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^I must agree, the live version of this song is probably one of my favourite coldplay songs, if not my favourite..but i'm not really sure what he says after those two lines..hmmm I'm listening to the live from Toronto recording right now and this is what I got from it


Cause in the end, there's only love

Well in the end, there's only us

Come on in, this time ....?

Cos in the end, there's only us


and that's all I got from that, hope I helped you out

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