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Coldplay: Live In Barcelona on Japanese and Mexican TV

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The Coldplay: Live In Barcelona special will air on Japanese TV and a Mexican channel tonight too!




Mexican: http://www.telehit.com/noticias/2016-07-01/imagenes-concierto-coldplay-especiales-telehit/


If I'm correct, the special on the Japanese station will air in at 9pm there time, so in an hour!

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Every time I try to click on something some ad opens[emoji53]

I don't know how to help you with that. I saw some ads and I just clicked on the x

This was the only link I found that work the others didn't open or my anti virus didn't let them open

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This wasn't the setlist, right?



No... I think I'm wrong here Spee oF Sound wasn't played... I was putting 2+2=5 (radiohead reference) hehe... this was on the japanese page for the special and I now know that the mexican channel don't put the programs online afterwards (thanks to ailsbe) so this is going to be very hard to record :(


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