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[2017-3-31] National Stadium, Singapore, SINGAPORE


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I don't think people hate it, just that it's an awfully long run for a cover, especially when the band has so much of their own material (old and new) we'd like to see worked in. Though I shouldn't speak for others, that's just how I feel ... I think it's a great cover, just a spot in the setlist I'd like to see get a fresh take eventually.



Replace it with In My Place or the MX version of God Put a Smile Upon Your Face.

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Does anyone think they'll make changes to the set for their second SG show? I'm hoping they'll be a bit cheeky cos it's April Fools'!

I'm hoping they would.


Even though I'm not a fan of Hypnotise, I really want them to sing it. Lol.


Also add back GPASUYF

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It's not that weird they haven't changed the setlist. It clearly flows well and they're used to it. Also it's the first time they're in Asia with this tour so it's not like they're repeating it for people who've already heard it, so why change now?


And stop hating on the Heroes cover >:( it's good >:(

+1 =D

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Really good setlist on the second night in my opinion. Listening to Princess Of China, Don't Panic and In My Place in the same concert is awesome haha!

And I totally understand they haven't changed so much the setlist, after all this is still the AHFOD tour that began back in 2016... but maybe when they release their new EP we will see more changes.

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