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Favorite Coldplay remixes?


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^^ aw that's a shame. If you find it or have it can you show me? Same goes for anyone else I would like to hear it!


I like the Paradise Tiesto remix:





There are also a few remixes of Clocks up on YouTube that I am a fan of:








Four Tet's remix of Fix You is great.

(PS: Anyone think the bottom right "corner" of the artwork looks like a wrench? Almost like symbolizing you gonna "fix" someone or something? I like how artwork from this era does that; another example is Talk, where it kinda looks like a person who you wanna talk with).





Have the Talk remixes on my phone but have yet to truly check them out.







I like this kinda tropical style remix of AOAL:





I love Jon Hopkins remix of Midnight. It's so long and epic. This man is a genius and I wish Coldplay would work with people like him more. I am also a fan of the other Midnight remixes.




I also like the remix of Midnight @SprayCanSoulGuy did in his Ghost Stories Rehaunted album remake.


Last but definitely not least, our very own @Batman has made some absolutely mind blowing remixes of some songs, my favorites bring her "O" remix and the "More With The Birds" one.




If I come across anymore I like I will post them here.


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