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'The New but not so new songs' theory...

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so... as some clever guys over there in the ALIENS thread found out, ALIENS is - technically spoken - not so much a new song, as snippets of the song can be heard in a coldplay documentary released in 2009.


I know this is probably way too much 'conspiratory' - but what if not only ALIENS, but also Hypnotized and All I Can Think of Is You are actually songs from older eras...? That idea came to my mind as - in my opinion - both of those songs do sound quite a lot like songs of respective past eras...)

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I think that A L I E N S might only be partially new, because from what I can hear in that 2009 Coldplay documentery (you can hear the snippet in this video), it sounds less electronic, so maybe it was a work in progress at the time, abandoned till now.

I thought I also remember hearing that all of the songs were brand new tracks recorded after AHFOD's release... Supposedly including A L I E N S, so it was apparently not completely true.

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