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i'm going skiing tomorrow!!


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:) I've never been skiing!

it's really fun. i've only been a few times though.



Amanda thats really cool! :)

:o i hope that your friend is ok!

yeah she's doing well. she really wanted to go but her mum wouldn't let her.


yeah it should be really fun. i also found out that my friend from camp is going tomorrow as well because the trip she had also got cancled so hopefully i'll see her there. :)


i'm also going on 2 more trips after this :D

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coool.....are you one vacation?


no i'm going with my school. :)


we had a lot of fun. but it really sucked that we paid for an 8 hour ticket but we end of getting less than 3. this was my day:


my mom came in at 4am for some reason, woke me up and told me to bring extra gloves

stayed awake until 6:30am when i got out of bed.

after getting everything ready and packing i leave to be at school by 7:15.

we have to wait for the third bus, which sucked because we were wasting time and we left at 8:20, so there was no point in getting up a hour earlier. not that it would have mattered to me, i wouldn't have fallen asleep. :rolleyes:


anyway we arrive at the mountain at 10. but we wait until 10:30 because the third bus is again behind and the person who has all the money is on the third bus.


so renting and getting everything on takes about 15-20 minutes. finally we're outside and we take a short test to determine what level we are. i go to green which is average. we were supposed to have a 1 hour lesson but someone in our group like twisted her knee so he gave us our stickers after half a hill.


so then with a few friends we go until about 1pm non-stop. then we go have lunch, meet up with a few other friends. half those friends leave. meet up with them again. go get changed and return everything.

so we need to be on the bus at 2:30, we leave around 2:45. thank goodness i had my friends disman or i would have been soo amazingly bored.



and carla, i had lots of chocolate. :P :D





yeah so that was my day :D it was really fun

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