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I like Colin Farrell, and i think Pacino is amazing, so i'll definitely be seeing that...


Hey Sarah! Did you hear about Colin and Britney??? :o :( :-o :shock: :-x


Yes I did hear and I was very disappointed. And my friend told me she read an article about him in some magazine and he said something like "I like beer, prostitutes, ecstacy, and smoking" or something like that :roll:

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We love Colin so much..but look what i found...


On his hobbies: “I love porn movies. I’ve been buying ’em since I was 14.”


On playing a superhero in Daredevil: “I’ve never saved anyone except myself. I look after No1.”


On looking at pictures of himself: “Yeah, I love it. I won’t masturbate to anything else.”


To a waitress in a restaurant: “Come sit on daddy’s lap. You’re a bad girl and need to be spanked.”


On the difference between Irish and American girls: “Brazilian wax for a start. I ate a lot of p***y at home but I never saw a vagina.”


On the craic: “I go out and get battered and have a buzz. I’ve always been a firm believer that casual sex is a f***ing good thing.”


What a guy..... :roll: Courtesy of thesun.co.uk

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