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I Just Found Out Something Disturbing...


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I was just browsing the Net for various CP info when I came upon a site that had the birthdates of all the members...


I found this kinda disturbing (in a way, not that it's anybody's fault or bad or anything), but has anyone noticed that Jon's birthday is on Sept. 11th? It kinda bothers me coz I remember Chris actually commenting on 11/09/2001 two days after the whole thing (them having to cancel and stuff) and saying some more later on about the tragedy, but not once was is mentioned that Jon's birthday happened to fall on that day. :o


Poor Johnny! I think it's one of the cruellest things to have happen on your birthday. :cry: It's sad and kinda terrible to have your birthdate fall on the same day where the rest of the world mourns, though I guess it adds more meaning to it... You're pretty much forced to contemplate on your own life. I wonder whether this fact had any bearing on how AROBTTH turned out???


Thoughts anyone? ;)

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My birthday is on 10th of September and as I was born 7 miuntes before midnight, I celebrate two days each year, so the 10th and 11th and athough it's a disasterous thing that has happened in the US, I don't let it cast a shadow over my birthday, so shouldn't Jonny. It's not exactly something that he could have done anything about. So I don't think he should feel guilty or not celebrate his birthday. There's not a day in the year that nothing "bad" has happened throughout the history, so if you look at it in that way none of us should celebrate our birthdays or for that matter anything.... and I don't think that would make us a jolly party.... :o :D

Love Tanith

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Guest LiquidSky
Its just pot luck that it happened on his birthday...but it also happened on millions of other peoples burfdays...i know it was a bad day but its not something you think about on your birthday...just think how lucky you are :)



yes, just think how lucky Johnny is to be alive and to still be with us :nice: ;) :)

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well, what can u do about it?

it must be disturbing in someways, but at the same time, no one will forget ur birthday


u wanna know something even moe disturbing, my friends's brother was born september 11 2001 in the moring! around the same time as the actuall attack :stunned:

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