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New Coldplay Podcast IS HERE! Coldplay Are Us


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Hi everyone! My name's JD and over the past few weeks, I've mentioned (mainly on Reddit) that my buddy and I were working on a new Coldplay podcast. Our first episode is OFFICIALLY HERE, listen to Coldplay Are Us below.

Normally we go track-by-track through an album, but we had to talk about Higher Power first! Check out our Fresh Hot Takes below and then subscribe because our Parachutes album will be out May 17! Available wherever you listen, etc.

I've loved this band for over a decade and I really hope you enjoy the series. PLEASE discuss the eps, reach out on social media, and yell at us if you don't like our opinions. ? I love this community and I hope you enjoy the pod.

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Decided to listen your podcast.

Completed your coverage the episodes on Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head and I'm currently in mist of your discussion of, X&Y . Please for the benefit of your listeners please tighten up your podcast.

Y'all were jabbering and getting off topic and it just hard to sit through when there's a meaty topic to be discussed and you guys keep trolling us, its just not right. I shouldn't have to sit through like 32 minutes in your X&Y episode for you two to finally start covering and breaking down the first track, Square One. That is a long wait. Sure you did warm up and set the tone of how the album came to be however I disliked all the side talk and I personally think it hurts what your doing over helping. 

My intent was to type out how I felt. My honestly. I love Coldplay and I have been enjoying your discussion and thoughts on the band but please try to trim the fat as it were. Its difficult to take you both seriously.

Who knows maybe you two intended for this podcast to be more loose fun and have plenty of banter or whatever I just felt sometimes.. `Is this even Coldplay related?` or I have to remind myself... `So why did I click on this? Hold on what was the main topic?` 

Do not be afraid to edit. I'll finish this episode now. Sorry if my criticisms were too much however I felt it wasn't right for me not to convey how I felt about your show currently. Nobody has commented yet so I wanted to be the first. 

Thanks for covering Coldplay, you guys seem to be the only Coldplay podcast so I hope you do well and continue to improve.

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Hola TealAppeal, thanks for listening and especially for commenting! I'm sorry it's not exactly what you're looking for in a Coldplay podcast. We take a lot of influence from music-based podcasts like R U Talkin' R.E.M. Re: Me? and U Talkin' U2 To Me? which does include a lot of banter.

I thought a lot about how to "defend" ourselves but the bottom line is we're just having fun. A lot of the feedback we've received from other listeners is sort of contrary to your points - we get along really well, the chemistry and side bars are funny, etc. And we're incredibly grateful for all of that. Nick and I do this podcast (just like our previous BNL podcast) because we love talking about music together, and the fact that hundreds of people (for whatever reason haha) find that engaging is a huge honor.

Also to discuss one particular point, we're definitely not trying to troll anyone. ? There's just so much to discuss when it comes to the band, it's easy to get sidetracked about production, a music video, a live show, etc.

I kind of think of it like Higher Power - if you enjoy the pod and want to keep listening, awesome! If you decide it's not your thing, we also completely respect that. Like I mentioned, I'm really grateful you took the time to share your thoughts and listen to the pod in the first place. Ultimately, Nick and I love talking about Coldplay and even though we meander, we always get to the music. ?

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Want to apologize if my earlier comment was too harsh. 

I have enjoyed listening to your podcast, just finished your lastest episode on "Prospekt's March". Noticed less side-talk and I felt happier.

Maybe its because I've grown used to YouTube content creators and the 'time stamp' feature; guests enjoying the entertainment can jump right into what topic they want. 

Podcast format isn't bad it's just I don't want to skip around and possibly miss anything. 

I'm confident folks do tend to enjoy your banter and maybe I'm a few of the individuals who like the dicussions to be more focused.


Still wish you boys the best and I plan listening to the rest of your Coldplay episodes.

"Ghost Stories" I found to be a beautiful entry for Coldplay's work and I'm eager to know what you've thought of that album when that episode is available.

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My week has been a whirlwind... our home is undergoing roof repair and before the workers tackled that project they suggested to my husband and I it would be ideal for us to take down our prized artwork.

We took them off the walls and laid them down in our office table. I made a meal on the stove and started pondering where my 2 year old was. I found her in the office, she used the office chair to hoist her up onto to the table and stood directly ontop of one the precious framed art we have.

I was heartbroken and angry, I sternly placed her on the floor and led her out of the room.

It's so ironic.. we bought that artwork because we knew it would go up in value that was our mini investment to her and now she slightly damaged it, it will forever not be as perfect as when we first obtained it.

So how does this relate to your podcast? I am truly overjoyed you gave the community new episodes. The last time I listened in was Prospekt's March. It might be small however I'm glad I have new episodes to keep my mind off this recent tragedy. I plan to listen when I workout on the tredmil.

Anyway I know I've been tough on your team but please know I appreciate what y'all do and I'm glad you're continuing covering Coldplay's discography! ♡

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