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Coldplay Signed Picture 2000


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Back in the 2000, I was 15 and was a fan of Coldplay and also had a penchant for collecting autographs.  Knowing that Coldplay were due to play at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton in October 2000 I decided to write to them to ask them for their autographs.  I cut a picture out of, what I think was, Q magazine, backed it to see white cardboard and posted it off to the band c/o Wolverhampton Civic with a self-addressed envelope.

I didn't really expect a response but a few days later I had a card from Royal Mail to say I had some mail to collect as the sender had underpaid the postage.  I didn't think it was going to be anything exciting so left it a few days to collect as the sorting office was a bit of a trek away.  Anyway... when I did collect it, it was from Coldplay!  Not only had they signed the picture, Chris had drew a picture on the back of the photo and on the envelope.  I've attached a picture - wanted to share as it's been in a shoebox under my bed all this time and it's a really cool item.


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