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A paw recall, Chris?


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i couldn`t get that piccie up because of copyrite sumthing


lol haha 'Baby' thats sooooo funny bless him



and i bet the people with him were Guy Jon and Will....y couldn`t they show

them :cry:

We would have had new pix


Yeah, thats what i thought! :o I would have liked to see them :(

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I thought that too :/


Hehe...the thing is, if you look at the way it's written it not scrawled quickly (say to remind him of a scan etc.) it's written neatly, a letter on each knuckle...like he wants people to see it...strange boy :rolleyes: :P

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Guest LiquidSky




Cute pic though ;)


*Saves picture as* :D :D :D



"HERE’S even more proof that CHRIS MARTIN has a memory loss problem.


The COLDPLAY frontman is often spotted with song names scrawled across the back of his hand to help him remember the set list at gigs.


But it looks like he has now started to rely on this basic memory aide a little too much"


^^^hahaha that's funny! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :lol:

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