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Yeah Im always searching for the time to write.


My last story was about this kid living in a small town who had a handicapped best friend, and he worked for this old gravedigger, who was an old man bitch. Then he died, and the kid looked forward to burying him as his understudy, and at his funeral he meets the guys family and he was a pretty good guy.


That covers about 1/5th of the plotline, the kids dad dies, his rich sister returns to the town for the first time in years, he gets no help off her, and the poor woman who worked in the diner turns out to be the same mysterious woman who street races. And theres a gunshot.


Damn its hard to fit a story into a small space.


My latest story is about a guy who works in an office, who is very passive, who is dull, has no friends, his wife and kids left him, and his life is incredibly boring. But every little situation he engages with is commented on by the 5 characters living inside this schizophreniacs mind, so for everything he does each one of the characters have their own input, in his mind, for how he shoulda done it. Like a real schizo.


The plot is, like any schizo, he was once a normal guy, who had just one thinking voice inside his head (Like all of us right now), and this one character was the original voice inside his head that kept him as a functional human being. Then, another voice came, another character was created inside his head, and then the other 3 followed. The problem is that all 5 characters believe that they were the original voice, because they all have the same memory bank of everything that has happened inside Phil's life.


It ends up like this, the character who was originally inside Phils head went on by himself for years. He obviously created the other characters, by some freak temporary disorder, but if he could create these other characters with his thoughts, he should also be able to destroy them, returning Phil back to his original self, before he became a schizophreniac.


Thank you, thank you.

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Guest LiquidSky

I actually do write & I also write out scenes....(like if I'm ever gonna direct a movie :rolleyes:) but anyways....I have them all in a journal booko :)

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