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Who has been watching Soaps lately?!?!


soaps are just marvellous these days... :lol: Coronation Street had Karen whacking Tracy in the eye in church :lol: ... and Paul just attacking Janine in the Vic gave me goosebumps LOL


great tee-vee :cool:

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hahahahahaah!! you are great mimi :lol:


yeah get out of it karen!! buy a CARDIGAN THAT FITS!!!! :stunned: i mean... what was that off-the-shoulder job supposed to be?!?!


eastEnders - i wish janine would just die or something :stunned:

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:lol: The cardigan!!


The night at the hotel with Ashley and Claire just made me cringe...how old are those two? I mean they were acting like two 13 year olds! How Ashley ever produced a child I'll never know!


I hope Pat gets revenge on Janine!!!

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I have to admit I'm not a fan of soaps in general... but how can I resist the charms of EastEnders? :D Have been an addict for 3 and a half years now...


And right now, I just feel like saying that Sharon is one lucky cow... first Tom, now Dennis... who's next, Kelly Jones? :wink3:

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