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Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

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Such an amazing set design with an amazing singer! (And Will of course!)

Look at those gorgeous curls :heart_eyes:

Posted Images

I mean, how do they expect Chris to react?! :lol:


He isn't known for going all "Yeah bitches :cool4:" and pull out his dick or something...

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Hi girls. :)

Chris looks so hot. I can't get over how young and gorgeous he is in this new era and theese new looks. :wacky: I wouldn't mind if he kept that exact hair length and scruff for a while. :wacko:

He sounds super fiiine to from what I've heard from the festival videos.



Neck. and. jawline! :wacky: :dead: He's really living himself into it in this picture - I'm loving it.


@Thalia - Can you imagine how embarrassed those girls' parents must have been if they saw that sign? :facepalm:

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I was hoping it was photoshopped and you might be right. The edge of the "D" does look a little sharp in comparison to the rest. Although, maybe the girls intentionally made it so you'd have to look a second time, because the "P" goes further down than the "ICK". "Oooh, it says "pick"!"


Edit: Chris had been looking astonished at my posts long enough. I need a new avatar and preferably a signature banner with Chris in it and maybe the whole band in the banner. It needs to be from the new concerts/LP5 era. If anyone can make me something I like (which I probably will) they will of course be credited in my sig (you can just put your name in the banner), get a virtual kiss and maybe a Chris pic spam. :D

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If it is the same banner, then I saw it on the screen when camera was shooting the front row and it was quite clear what it says.

I hope no one would be so rude to hold a banner like that in the front row...

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