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[Ticket Exchange/Resale thread] Music of The Spheres UK/Europe Tour


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I'm looking for three GA tickets for Manchester on June 1. I've been trying Twickets for weeks but it feels impossible to buy on there even with alerts turned on!

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated.

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On 4/24/2023 at 6:02 PM, gazzauk63 said:

Hi all,

Looking for two tickets for Principality Stadium (Millennium Stadium) Cardiff, UK, Ideally for 7th June 2023 although I would consider 6th June.

Much appreciated



Hi Gary, I've got two for 7th June at Principality if you are still looking? I can no longer travel down from Scotland on that date so looking to sell, want someone to get the good of them! Digital Tickets so can transfer now. Thanks.

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Hi everyone,

I have got my ticket for Amsterdam 18th and 19th of July.

But now, my husband would like to come with me... I am looking everywhere but people resale their tickets at crazy prices 😨 

So, if anyone's got a spare ticket for one of these shows, do not hesitate to contact me 😉

Thanks 👍

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Hi everyone, 

I've got 3 spare standing tickets for the 7th June in Cardiff. Paid £104, but will do them for £95. If you're interested, then please message me. 




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Hi again fellow coldplayers.

still looking for tomorrow (3rd June) for 1 ticket.

i am driving down from Aberdeen if i am able to get a ticket so don’t want scammed.

or if any is going i am seeking for a ticket for any of the Amsterdam gigs as that would be a good holiday as well as i need out of Aberdeen haha.



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Hi, I'm looking for one (1) ticket for the first Amsterdam show on July 15. If you have a ticket for sale, or have bought Infinity Tickets and need someone for the second ticket, DM me!

I will be in Amsterdam around the days of the show, so I would prefer a personal exchange.

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