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Has anyone ever read the (kinda old) interview from NME where readers sent in questions and Fab talks about wanting to be a superhero called the Squirrel or something like that. It's pretty hilarious stuff.

Here's part of it:


Do you prefer badgers or squirrels?

Frank Bell, Edinburgh


Julian: I think I prefer badgers. Badgers seem like they have more personality.

Nick: My answer is that, considering they have beautiful cute little squirrels all over Central Park in New York. They’re sort of city animals.

Fab: They’re really quick and they roll acorns in their hands and then they do this (mimes squirrel eating an acorn) then they stop and look about and then continue doing it. That’s shit great.

Albert: And in Australia they can fly, right? In Australia all animals can fly, can’t they?

Nick: In Australia all animals can fly? What about kangaroos?

Albert: Well, all the animals are weird then. Kangaroos are like giant rats

Fab: If I was a superhero I’d be The Squirrel, dude. He can climb anything. he can fly and he’s a badass.

Nick: Shit, you're right

Fab: And he’s got a big tail

Albert: And he’s cute, so he get all the ladies

Nick: And you’d be, like, eating nuts all day

Julian: Fab loves nuts


:lol: That whole interview is great!

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ooooooh I love your avatar :wink3:

He didn't do any little drum thing when I went to their show. People in the audience were really annoying. They just seemed to play and run. Julian hardly did any of his little between song banter stuff. Where did you see them?

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