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The *Official* NHL Playoffs Thread

Sweet One

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no leafs no


thats my sentiments




i say go sens, because i REALLY want to see a flyers-senators playoff matchup somewhere down the line.



That would make my boyfriend so happy. He's a Sens fan b/c he's from Ottawa, but his roommate is a flyers fan. It would be chaos in their apartment. :lol:

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OMG! Boston lost to Montreal 5-2!! The series is tied!! GAME 7 is a-coming!! HOLY SHIT!! The people in MTL were going crazy tonight. The fact that i live 7 minutes from the Bell Centre made tonight even more awesome. I could hear the Canadiens fans going insane. :D


Man, if the Canadiens win this series, the Quebecois are gonna lose it!

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Holy shit! Double overtime is never a good thing for one's heart. I thought i was gonna have a heartattack. :stunned:


i'll take toronto, flyers have owned them for the most part this year. what was that one game, 8-1 or something?



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