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The *Official* NHL Playoffs Thread

Sweet One

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*looks at clock*




i'll be back in three hours with a glass of champagne to celebrate. :P


and better fashion sense? please. look at this and just try to tell me it isn't the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen.



ok, you've got me with that one. :rolleyes:


HAHAHAHAH!!! FUCKIN" FLYERS!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *storms off in a huff*


Next game. If they don't win. I am officially rooting for Tampa Bay.


But boo-yah! Sundin ws back. I'm telling you, Nieuwendyk has to be back next game or else it's over. :cry: :cry: :cry:


*spills Tom's champagne and runs away* TAKE THAT PEEEEEED!!!

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Things learned today: Bryan McCabe and Ed Belfour are HUGE ASSHOLES. "Hey I have an idea! Instead of playing better to prevent goals, let's take cheap shots at Donald Brashear's back while he celebrates his goal!"


Hey, don't be dissin' Bryan McCabe and Ed Belfour. They're my faves.


And yes, those cheap shots were hilarious! :lol: :lol:

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Mats Sundin is the only person on the Leafs who scares me every time he's near the puck. We need to reinjure him somehow.


YOU FLYERS STAY AWAY FROM SUNDIN!!!!! If he gets injured again, I'm gonna take out Esche!! Just you watch........ :sneaky:

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in other news: looks like montreal's actually putting up a fight for a change tonight.


hahaha..TOM PEED! That game was pathetic!! When Tampa scored with 16 seconds left in the final period, me and my roommate had our jaws dropped to the floor. But i dont' know why we were so surprised. I mean, after the Canuck's tie-goal with 5 seconds left in the game, anything's possible.


Man, the Habs fans in MTL are not happy tonight. They're all hanging out by the Bell Centre brooding. I hope a riot doesn't start if they lose, i live very very close to it. :o

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