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Describe you home City, Town, or village or discrict !!


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Cambridge is a beautiful town about 45 minutes north of London. It has beautiful architecture in the centre' date=' including the infamous Kings College Chapel, and there are hardly any industrial buildings because the University is so strict! :stunned: it also has loadsa shops, cinema etc and so many greens dotted around the town it's not even funny! lol very good in summer though. Whilst walking through the centre you are more likely to hear french, spanish, italian, japanese, chinese or any other language being spoken rather than english all year round because there are some many foreign students living in Cambridge, it is very cosmopolitan! :P the inhabitants of the town are mostly people who used to go to the university or people who came to learn english who settled here, i know hardly any people whose parents live here cos they were born and raised here! it is very safe and a great place to grow up because of the mixture of people you meet and get to know here. :D[/quote']

My boyfriend goes to Cambridge uni and I've travelled from Manchester loadddsss to see him!

I love Cambridge SOOO much! We went to the University Botanical Gardens a few weeks back...wow

It's my perfect idea of a city - not too big, not too small :)

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I´ll describe my 3 towns i love.


Cartagena where i live.

The city was found by carthagines general Asdrubal on 227 a.C. and they named the city Quart Hadast. On 209 a.C. finished Second Punic War was conquest by Roman general Publio Cornelio Escipión and named it Carthago Nova.


It is an important naval city with one of the ports with more load of merchandise, at the moment has industrial zones related to the petrochemistry and energy like Repsol, General Electric. From the modern age and to the decade of the 60´s multiple strengths that crown their mounts they has defensive utility (Roldán, Atalayas, Galeras...).

The institutions of the Region of Murcia have in this city their Parliament. Important people of Cartagena are:

Arturo Perez Reverte author of Alatriste captain.

Isaac Peral marine who invented of the submarine.

Juan Fernandez voyager who discovered the Chilean Islands Juan Fernandez.

Jose Ortega Cano bullfigther.




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The view from my balcony is pretty neat, I live in downtown Kitchener, Ontario. Ill post a pic of it some time. I go to school in waterloo, which is a student ghetto, I am glad that I moved out. There are two universities on the same street, and a college nearby too, so it's all students all year long. Which means garbage, drinking at 3 in the morning, noise, etc.

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I live in the most peaceful and beautiful place in the world :nice:


^this is a picture of a Duke+Duchess' castle - they live about 500m from me :smug: :cool:



I live about 3 miles out of a leeetttllllee village.



NS04.JPG< main st. on a flat out busy day :lol:


My nearest big town is Omagh, which is always remembered for all the wrong reasons :/ because of the bomb in 1998.

But it is a lovely town and I miss going to school there :rolleyes:




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Baldock is a very small town in North Hertfordshire 37 miles from the north of London. It used to be on the main trading route to the capital, and as such has a large number of inns, pubs, take-aways and restaurants for its size. It was founded in Roman times, and some of the architecture dates back as far back as the 16th century.


The town contains a prestigious secondary school and four primary schools, a small industrial estate, several recreational areas, a sports hall, and is not far from an indoor swimming pool and leisure centre.



Whitehorse Street

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Second city of Spain that i know and love a lot is:

Valladolid where i was born.

City founded by Count Pedro Ansúrez in 980 d.C.. Was the capital of Spain with the Austrias (Felipe II was born here).

Basic industry is the manufacture of cars (Renault, Michelin).

Two rivers cross: Esgueva and Pisuerga first it seems a stream but usually it is overflowed in very rainy years. Both cross the city.

It is the capital of the region of Castilla y León, in a ville next to the city is the Parliament of this community. Important people are:

Pedro Ansúrez founder of the city.

José Zorrilla author of Don Juan Tenorio.

Miguel Delibes author of 5 hours with Mario and the Hereje.

Lola Herrera and Concha Velasco Spanish actresses.

Celtas Cortos a rock folk celtic band.


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