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Describe you home City, Town, or village or discrict !!


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oooh, this looks like fun!


ok, well the town i (used to) go to school in, work in, and where most of my friends live is called ridgefield, and it's really small and residential and nice. i feel odd about saying it's upscale, but it really is. hoity-toity central, unfortunately. but i do love it, because it's home. mostly big houses separated by trees and forests and horse farms. but the main street is pretty cute and nice, when you're not being innundated by the local "misunderstood" suburban teens from the public school. the park is also quite nice when it's free of the teen riffraff. when i worked in town, i would eat lunch there a lot, just me and the squirrels. not much to really do here besides hang out in starbucks, the pizza place, or the park, or shop in the little stores.



the town my house is in is about 30 minutes away by car, and all i really do is sleep there and loaf around my house on weekends. it's a bit more down to earth, but geographically it's the second-biggest town in the state. it's got a very nice, pretty main street with lots of old houses, and our town hall has a nice movie theater in it. there's not much to do there either, i'm afraid. though i suppose there's not much to do in all of CT. mostly we hang out in starbucks, etc.



i consdier my home to be a cluster of a bunch of towns, though, because everything is connected by I84, and you can be in any of about 9 towns in a matter of 10 minutes, all with different things in them.

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Ooo, this does look fun...


I basically have three hometowns, Melbourne, Bendigo and Sydney. Bendigo is where I was born and its where I am now. It's a lovely little city well known for its gold mining history. In about the 1800s, Bendigo had a gold rush and the population exploded. Many Chinese moved here, therefore we have a very prominent Chinese population and people from general Australia began moving here too. It's a thriving town but I could never imagine myself living here forever.



Melbourne is my second home. Mainly becuase my father owns a flat here and we stay there most weekends. Every summer (Janurary) Melbourne hosts the Australian Tennis Open (not to be confused with the Australian Golf Open) and every year, my mother and I go to watch the quater finals and the semi finals. I've seen people like Nadal, Tsonga, Serina Williams, Maria Sharapova, Martina Hingis play. I lvoe Melbourne for the hype of a city it is.



Sydney is really a home to me but more to my mum. She moved there from Malaysia and its where she grew up. We go there once or twice a year and the city it so beautiful and the people there are soooo nice. There are like a gazzilion beaches and the weather is amazing all year round. I often asked my parents why they didn't stay there and they said the city was too much of a holiday city. I still love it too pieces and if I could choose one place in the entire world to retire, it'd be Sydney.



Taha, now you know what my home is like

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a small village in the east of switzerland. i wasn't born there but i lived there for 15 years. there is not much to say about it. it's got about 2000 inhabitants and it's like everywhere else. it isn't a beautiful place to live, it's a street village, which means there is a lot of noise from the main road and not much nature. most shops, which were there when i grew up have closed. there is one food shop and about three restaurants. needless to say that it's not the most exciting place to live. i'm so glad i left.

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