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Describe you home City, Town, or village or discrict !!


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Philadelphia, PA - Birthplace of America :D


The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were signed here, the first American flag was made here by Betsy Ross, and the oldest still-occupied residential neighborhood in North America is here. Ben Franklin founded one of America's first universities, its first fire comapny, its first hospital, and its first public library here, and it was America's capital from 1790 until 1800.


Of course, that was all over 200 years ago and now Philadelphia is apparently regarded as just the opposite of the "city of brotherly love," and we also have a reputation for being particularly nasty sports fans, which I think is mostly unfounded.


Here's a view of Center City from the South St. bridge across the Schuylkill River. This location is about a 20 minute walk from where I live.




Here's another view of Center City from around the same area. The football stadium in the lower left is owned by the University of Pennsylvania, and is where I saw Bono speak a couple weeks ago.




This is our City Hall, which is still one of the largest municipal buildings in the world, and which was once voted "ugliest building in the country" by some magazine or other. :lol:




My neighborhood where I live now is in West Philadelphia. The population here is a mix of native Philadelphians and students who moved to the area (I happen to fit both demographics), although I'm out on the edge of the student area, and I know lots of students who won't come out here because they think it's "in the ghetto" (which seems ridiculous to me). So needless to say, it's what some might call "gritty," but it's really not all that bad, and it gets much worse the further west you go. I guess in some ways it's your typical urban environment, but I think it's nice. There's a real sense of community here, since you see the same people outside in the same places every day, and it's far enough away from all the tourist traps that it's not overly crowded, but it's also close enough that you can walk to those placs if you want to. Some of the houses out here are beautiful, much more character and personality than most rowhomes and especially most suburban environments.


The pictures on this website were all taken in an area that's about a 10 minute walk from my house, so if you really want to, you can see the grocery store where I shop and the row of stores that has my favorite record store (two up from the bottom). :P http://westphillydata.library.upenn.edu/photos_40th.htm

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Halifax, Nova Scotia


I live about a 10 minute drive from the city and I go in there all the time because I love the downtown area. There's so much stuff to do and it's an awesome atmosphere. The people are really friendly and it's always a good time, I just can't wait till I can get in the casino! :D Halifax is right on the water too so you can go down to the boardwalk and sit on the beach and stuff, it's very great. :P

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I'm living in 2 places!!!


Barrancabermeja: That's the city that i was born and raised. It's a very hot city. Is the capital of the oil and the cool people of course. Is a small city. I have all my family there


Bucaramanga: Is one of the principal cities in Colombia, it's warm but sometimes is hot. I'm studying my major there. Is a beautiful city, big, clean, with a lot of cultural events, shopping centers etc

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that`s a cool subject!


gliwice in southern poland is my hometown (that`s where the 2nd world war started at the broadcasting station that i can see from my window) but i`m moving to london next WEEK SO ANYONE FROM LONDON GIVE ME A SHOUT.


and that`s a porsche cayenne on the high street (which is actually called zwycięstwa)

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