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Describe you home City, Town, or village or discrict !!


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My home town is a really small one of about 3000 inhabitants. It's a very touristic area, mostly because of its French Renaissance château. It's always busy in the summer but quite quiet the rest of the year. I like it but I wouldnt see myself growing old here..

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This is so cool, to see where everyone lives.


I live in a little town about 18km south of Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech republic.

I've got three hometowns.

Zidlochovice - that's where I live. It's got about 3,000 inhabitants, it stands on a river. There's a chateau that was used by our first president as a summer residence and there's a park around the chateau. It looks like this:


There's also a huge church which is right in front of my house. I don't even need a clock, I just look out of the window and I see what the time is :lol:


Well, the nightlife is quite poor in my opinion. There are some pubs (but they're awful, I don't like them) though. And there's a quite good disco about two kilometres away. So, no good.


My second hometown - Hustopece. That's where I go to school and where I spend most of the time during the days.

That's what the square looks like:


And there's a pretty cool church near my school:


This is my school:


Yeah, and there's also an awesome open air pool, which we use during the summer and sometimes in P.E.:



And the third hometown of mine is Brno. I lived there when I was kid, some relatives of mine live there, and mainly I go there every week to shop (clothes, books and stuff) and to entertain myself - cinemas, gigs etc. (btw, to prove it's not a stupid little city, Linkin Park are coming here in June :lol:)


There are lots of historical sights, like cathedrals, churchs and a castle.

The cathedral of st. Peter and st. Paul:


And the castle - Spilberk - it's in the middle of the town, on a hill. There's also a huge park around it, a really nice place to visit.




So, that's where I live :)

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So, Ajdovscina.


It has somewhere around 6000 - 10000 inhabitants, some of them migrate to other cities for work or school, but it's still a proper town/city (and not like those where people only sleep).

It looks like this from a hill - http://www.sloveniaholidays.com/images/zoom/n/3638/viewsize/b.jpg


Main crossroads in my town - http://www.policija.si/si/organiziranost/pu/go/slike/ajdovscina-pp.jpg it looks a bit different now when they cut the trees down on the right and built a block of flats. No trees, but still pretty. And the center building on the photo is our police station.


this is a fortress built in Roman times, it found a way in our history books. nowadays there are some small festivals and stuff. http://www.slovenia.info/pictures%5Ctown%5C1%5C2005%5C036_03_tic_ajdovscina3_62216.jpg


We also have Njoki Summer Festival, and Skatalites performed there. I wasn't there, I just passed by and all I smelt was pot. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/48/Skatalites-njoki-horn_section.jpg/800px-Skatalites-njoki-horn_section.jpg


Nightlife was boring, but there are two places where people hang out in the evening:

New disco, called Vertigo - http://ss1.spletnik.si/4_5/000/000/06a/d10/skgi_316810_19294.jpg

and club Ave - http://club-ave.si/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=1298 (haha two of my ex school mates are on this pic :D)


I think this is all ... I can't find a pic of my secondary/high school ...


I'll tell something about Ljubljana later.

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Small town in Jersey. Upper middle class and everyone is spoiled. Kids are obnoxious, self centered and materialistic. There are like 2 restaurants in my town and like no actual town area. If we want to hang out we would have to go to another town... not my favorite place in the wordl...... but the shcool system is good:)

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^Sounds fun. :P


Well, there's only an Irish pub and a few real restaurants, Italian and Mexican food served at 'em...what else...there's a middle school...that's the only school in the town. The high school is actually in a small town right beside Keyser. I don't know why it's still called Keyser High School when it's not in Keyser. There's a Wal-Mart, and a few random shops (Game Stop, Cato) beside it (those places are also right out of town, beside the high school), Potomac State College in the middle of all of the town...lots of churches...main street, with a few random eating places and a sign-printer...homeless shelter...


That's about it...


We have an internet cafe thing, though. That's kind of crazy.

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Forlack, do you live nearby Wash DC ?:)

I live at 1/2 mi. from Paris. It takes 15 mn by bus to get to the Champs Elysees the biggest avenue in the world. I couldn't live anywhere else. My city is lively specially on week-end up to 2 am or so even later. It's crammed with tourists specially in the summer. Le Louvre is a huge museum that is well worth visiting. To tour on the river Seine on a fly boat is romantic. There are also a host of movie theaters, cafés, theaters and interesting concerts in Stade de France or Bercy. I've tried to live at the country side but i got depressed after 18 months. It was a dead town. I got back to Paris afterwards. Life is hectic in the city but i was born here and i'm used to it even though it's quite noisy around monuments because of the traffic that is huge during the day. I can't even hear my cell phone ringing, believe me or not. Think about NYC, it's the same. I love Paris anyway.

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Paris is really a beautiful city where I love to go but :\ I couldnt live there. I'm the total opposite of you.. I like being somewhere quiet ( I dont mean like living in a farm...) and where people arent always rushing in every place. For example this weekend I went to Paris, and after two days I thought it was freaking madness. and plus, driving in such a big city makes you go nuts !

I guess it's all about habits. You're used to big cities whereas I'm used to smaller ones.

But huh, it's still one of the most beautiful city in the world, and a wonderful place to visit !

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